Collection: Adhesive Magnet for DIY Promo Products (notepads, calendars, etc.)

This is the product everyone is after! 

A specialty Adhesive Magnet that is 20 mil in thickness, 2.375" high and 3.44" long with a 1/2" scoring lengthwise across the bottom. (Dimensions are approximate)

What the heck can I do with this???

Apply your paper business card to the top portion. Remove the 1/2" scored paper from the bottom portion to expose a sticky magnet surface that is approximately 1/2" x 3.44" wide. Stick on small Calendars, Notepads, Sports Schedules, etc.

Instant advertising and promotional products for your company!

Or leave the adhesive paper on the top portion, add on a promotional product to the bottom, re-package in lots of 25, 100 or 500 and resell them! (Believe me, they sell.)

We have this product custom made for Magnet Valley customers.

Make your own Promo products and hand out to your customers or potential customers...they will remember you the next time your service or product is needed because your information is right there! 

We sell only 100% American Made products at Magnet Valley so you know you are receiving a high quality product!