Collection: Inkjet Printable Magnetic Business Card Sheets Print Your Own Business Card Magnets

These are thin, flexible, printable magnet sheets, scored into 10 standard business cards per page. These magnetic business card sheets are available in both Matte finish (14 to 16 mil in thickness) and Glossy finish (16 to 18 mil in thickness). Make your own business card magnets to hand out to customers. Use your inkjet printer to print your own advertising magnets.

Please note that the glossy finish will not work in every printer. The printers that will have the most success with that product pull the sheet almost straight through a printer rather than folding it back over itself during the printing process. All-in-One printers do not work well either. Please do not email us to ask if the product will work in your printer. Every individual printer has different wear patterns and capabilities. (A piece of regular copy paper is ~4 mil thick for comparison)