Collection: Magnetic Photo Sleeves / Pockets / Protector Magnets Document Holder

Each magnetic photo protector is made up of a plastic protector sleeve with a nearly full magnetic backing. Place your favorite photo inside the magnet photo sleeve and attach to the fridge or any other magnetically receptive surface. This will keep grubby little hands off your treasured photos! These photo pocket magnets will keep your fridge pics organized and safe.

Also great for keeping documents in important places. Like the fridge manual on the side of the fridge or the freezer manual on the side of the freezer. 

We offer the magnetic sleeves in many sizes and in rigid and non-rigid varieties.

Also would make a great magnet wedding or shower favor: place a picture of the new bride and groom in it and pass out to guests. For baby shower favors it will give guests a place to put a pic of the new little one when it arrives!