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Glossy Finish Inkjet Printable Magnetic Paper 8.5" x 11" (12 mil) Print on Magnet

Glossy Finish Inkjet Printable Magnetic Paper 8.5" x 11" (12 mil) Print on Magnet

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These are thin, flexible, printable white magnet sheets. These magnetic sheets are in a Glossy finish (~14 mil in total thickness). This inkjet printable magnet paper is fun and functional!

(A sheet of regular copy paper is ~4 mil thick for comparison) We have these sheets manufactured exclusively for us thicker than you would find at almost any office supply store.

Print your favorite photographs, favor magnets, save-the-date magnets or advertisements for your business with these high quality magnet sheets. Do not try to print on these with a laser printer or copier, ONLY an inkjet printer!! Not for outdoor use.

📢 Attention all crafters and DIY enthusiasts! 🎨✂️

Introducing the ultimate game-changer for your creative projects: Printable Magnetic Paper! 🧲💡

🌟 Unlock Your Imagination: With this incredible innovation, you can now bring your artistic visions to life like never before. Design stunning magnets, labels, photo displays, and more, all with the convenience of printable magnetic paper. 🖼️✨

🖨️ Print with Ease: Printing your designs onto our high-quality magnetic paper is a breeze! Simply use your regular inkjet or laser printer, and watch your creations come to life. It's that simple! 🖨️🌈

🔁 Reusable and Versatile: Our printable magnetic paper is not only beautiful but also highly versatile. Create eye-catching magnetic signs for your business, personalized party favors, educational tools, or even organize your kitchen in a stylish and practical way. The possibilities are endless! ♻️💡

📏 Customizable to Fit Any Project: Our magnetic paper is available in various sizes, making it adaptable to any project you have in mind. Whether you need small magnets or large displays, we've got you covered! 📏🔎

🎁 Perfect for Gifts: Looking for unique and personalized gift ideas? Printable magnetic paper is here to save the day! Surprise your loved ones with custom-designed magnets featuring their favorite memories or inspirational quotes. It's a gift that's both practical and sentimental. 🎁💖

🌎 Environmentally Friendly: At [Your Brand Name], we are committed to sustainability. Our printable magnetic paper is eco-friendly, so you can indulge in your creative pursuits while being kind to the planet. 🌍🌱

💥 Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to take your creativity to new heights! 💥 Visit our website [] today and explore the endless possibilities of printable magnetic paper. 🛒✨

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